Philatelic Tourism in Kashmir

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

In the third week of August 2011 , a news brought Srinagar in limelight . Srinagar came to lime light no not for any political reason, but for the reason that 2 beautiful special covers on floating post office Srinagar were released indeed , cover0s are beautiful , cancellation is nice n worth keeping in collection safely .Shortly thereafter, another news trickled that another philatelic exhibition is being organised in Leh and 5 special covers shall be released . No doubt 5 special covers were released . Few are good and few lacked philately touch.

Dust had not settled down that Chinar 2011 had commenced at Srinagar . All announcement made to the media started going hayway with the landing of Rahul Gandhi on the venue on the first day itself though for a different purpose which had nothing to do with philately . Anyway  exhibiton concluded as scheduled but other than this hardly anything happened as per schedule . Till today authoritatively hardly anybody can declare what all philatelic material was released during exhibiton . According to reliable sources 19 booklets carrying different values/price tag and 12 covers along with my stamp were released which have not yet been supplied to many collectors despite money paid to India Post . Of course many of the item are available at ebay store at exorbitant price . Everybody is making his 0wn calculation and guess . if the intention is to promote philately and side by side generate more revenue for the telecom companies/service provider , then the purpose is well achieved . Collectors are frantically calling each other as well as post office officials to ensure that they do not miss out on anything from there collection on the one hand and on the other hand concerned officials are quiet illusive in their replies if the lady luck smiles , the calls are received by the post office officials which is not the case most of the time . Every one is prompt enough to make a promise which remains unfulfilled . In the name of promoting philately , philatelic material is being cornered by few and is not within the reach of genuine collector . Department officials always assure that orders received will definitely be executed but when , stoic silence prevails.

Almost every alternate day if not everyday , a special cover is released by J&K circle . Not only this , on a common theme covers are released on different dates from different places eg. A special cover is released to commemorate 25 years of speed post service 1st from Srinagar and then from Jammu on different dates even Gujarat circle has also released a cover on the same theme but on a different date . officially there is no news about the details but we come to know when we visit ebay stores or through news letter of few personal sites .

Over activism in philately actually kills the hobby in the long run though it makes the sun shines for few for all the times . so many question remain unanswered and lead pondering . what is the real intention behind releasing so many covers? , what is the moto of holding so many exhibition without proper ground work? why these covers at official counters? how come materials have reached ebay stores and not in the hand of genuine collectors who have paid the money long back and are waiting the supply to complete their collection? Who is going to gain after all this? . likewise there are many more puzzles which are brewing in the mind and shall be taken up at the appropriate time , appropriate platform and in appropriate manner .

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  1. dr pradeep jain says:

    Chinar-2011 was like a philatelic explosion by a collected group for healthy philately????? If anybody wants to collect single piece of each item released during no no, sorry for this event then he has to borrow a sum of aprox. 20,000/ bugs for his hobby from any lender or financial institution.So once more Chinar-2011 has proved that this is a hobby of kings.

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