Algeria Released Stamp on Press Service

\"\"Algeria has released a stamp on 27th Oct on Algeria Press Service.On December 1, 1961 was issued in Tunis headquarters of the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic (GPRA), the first newsletter of the agency \”Algeria Press Service.\” So the idea became a reality in gestation since 1957 to provide the country with a medium which burst onto the international media was to confirm the determination of Algeria to recover its full sovereignty. The first information APS, grouped into daily bulletins crossed the national colors, were brought to the attention of foreign media by repatriation, gave the Algerian cause considerable resonance throughout the world. In June 1962, three months after cease-fire (March 19, 1962), The agency offers its customers information about 500 dispatches per day, designed in the Arabic, French and English, and photo reports dealing with different areas.It uses satellite links via three satellites and also has a website dedicated to information and photos.

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