San Marino Issued Stamp on European Year of Volunteering

\"\"San Marino released a souv. sheet on European Year of Volunteering.The moving photogram by photographer Alberto Poles, chosen and processed by Valerio Pradal, intends to summarize the primigenial root intrinsic of man’s social drive to position himself within the world in relation to others in a relationship of sharing. Voluntary work, far from presenting itself as the fulfilment of a “good action”, or the handling of a charitable obligation, responds to an action well expressed by the image: “accompanying”. Taking care of a person or the cultural heritage, means acting “with”, in a symbiotic relationship, respecting and stimulating its very essence.Commitment, freedom, belonging, gratuitousness, communal asset, social altruism. There are hundreds of definitions that could be used to define the concept of “voluntary work”. The same is configured like a polyhedral existential reality that no law can contain and exhaust in its fullness. The volunteer is therefore a witness, interpreter and protagonist within civil society, in the action of safeguarding and developing the human community.

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