Minister Hopes to Gain Trust in Mail System

\"\"Kurdistan Region has attempted several times to develop a postal code system and tried to identify the street or delivery address, along with the province and post office. Unfortunately, the attempts had built-in limitations that would prevent expansion and were more complex than necessary. The Kurdistan Regional Government released a new stamp that features the most well-known martyr of the Halabja chemical attacks, Omer Khawar. The government unveiled the stamp at the second Post Festival in Erbil last week. The festival brought together experts to develop the mail system in the Region. KRG is trying to change the system at a time when few people use the mail system because of lack or trust and weakness of the industrial sector in the Region. KRG is trying to correct and modernize the postal code system using a comprehensive postal code numbering system to better serve the people. In the suggested system, each family and house will have its own number to help get mail delivered quickly and accurately. \”The post code system is a big step the government is going to take and I believe it will facilitate people\’s jobs. Due to some shortages and problems in the Region\’s post offices, people didn\’t have faith in mailing items, but we will try to gain their trust with the new system,\” said Anwar Jabali, KRG Transportation and Communication minister. Currently, few people use Kurdistan Region\’s post offices; the main job of the offices is delivering business items and official government mail. A few of the major benefits of using a coding system is the increase in security of the mail due to the reduction in hand sorting and faster, more accurate delivery to the customer, including private citizens. The Region\’s mail was recognized as Erbil International Post Center by the International Post Union in 2008. Based on the international regulations and principles, items can be received and sent through the post offices. 

During the past three years, according to Omed Muhammad Salih, director of the Erbil Post Office, the volume of mail has increased. During the first six months of 2010, for example, 22 tons of items were mailed while in the first six months of 2011, about 44 tons of items were sent, showing a 100 percent increase. Salih said the Post Office was formed based on three important principles ? speed, trust and price. Since Royal Jordanian Airlines took the charge of transport, mail has been secure. \”We have only three missing items; we will compensate for those, certainly,\” Salih said Salih asked the media to assist in creating trust between the Post Office and people because it can play a crucial role in this respect.(Source-Kurdish Post)

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