San Marino: De Gasperi Stamps

\"\"On the two stamps, two images of De Gasperi taken from the archive of the Fondazione De Gasperi against a coloured background that recalls the Italian flag.On the € 0.50 stamp elements that commemorate the reconstruction of Italy not only materially but also socially, politically and economically, after the damage from the War and twenty years of Fascism, in a vision founded on work, family, justice and liberty;  on the € 2.64 stamp, a souvenir of the affirmation of a new Italy at an international level, which in the name of peace made a clear choice for freedom and democracy in the face of the “Cold War”.The frontal images, in green, are re-elaborated from two stamps of the “Democratica” series which accompanied the most important and incisive part of De Gasperi’s political life from the end of 1945 onwards: “Social Justice” by Renato Garrasi and “The Torch of Freedom” by Paolo Paschetto.

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