DWARKAPEX 2011:Special Cover on Amaltas Released on Concluding Day

\"\"A beautiful special cover on Amaltas tree has  released on 20th Oct 2011 on the occasion of DWARKAPEX 2011 ,a district level philatelic exhibition organised by India Post at New Delhi.

\"\"Amaltaas (Cassia fistula):A moderate sized tree 3.5m – 5m in height. Bark is greenish-grey or brick red, Leaves are pariprinnate. The flowers are bright yellow, in long pendulous racemes. The tree flowers from May to August. Fruit ripens during February to April. Cultivated as an ornamental plant for attractive yellow blossoms in pendant racemes and grows in many parts of India. The tree is also known as Golden Showers. It is one of the most widespread of forest trees in India. Usually occurring in deciduous forest, ascending to 1200 m in the sub-Himalayan tract, common in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and South India. India Post issued a commemorative and one definitive stamp on Amaltas in past.

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2 Responses to DWARKAPEX 2011:Special Cover on Amaltas Released on Concluding Day

  1. anil kr pujara says:

    Indeed a Beautiful cover.Congrats the Designer. Good work done


    Amaltas Cover: Why not use the Amaltas stamp when the definitive of
    it is still available and have a 100% match.

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