MS on World Orchid Conference 2011

By Datta Dharmadhikari

\"\"With its long history of Orchid culture, Singapore is proud to be the host for the 20th World Orchid Conference (WOC). The 20th WOC., “Where New and Old World Orchids Meet” will be held from 13-20 November, 2011 at Marina Bay. Singapore which is located in the heart of South East Asia, is truly one of the richest centres of tropical biodiversity, and a reputed centre of origin of the Orchid family.  The orchid “Miss Joaquim” is the National Flower of Singapore.To mark this international event, Singapore will be issuing five  stamps on various orchids. Renanthera 20th WOC Singapore 2011: This official flower of the Conference is free flowering and produces long lasting blooms all year round. The red blossoms signify prosperity, wealth and success.Grammatophyllum speciosum: This is largest orchid in the world with sprays of lowers two metres or more in length. Also known as the Tiger Orchid because markings on the flowers resemble that of the skin of a tiger.

Dendrobium  World Peace: The well shaped, good texture flowers of some 7cm across, come with white or creamy petals and sepals that are veined light purple. The vigorous hybrid commemorates the 50th anniversary of the United Nations in 1995.Vanda Miss Joaquim: Named after the originator, Miss Agnes Joquim in 1893, Vanda Miss Joaquim was chosen as the National Flower of Singapore on 15th April, 1981.

Cyrtocidium Goldinana: This flower is widely known as a “Golden Shower” in Singapore, where it has been a staple cut flower in the early years.  The elegant yellow flower gives an overall impression of a ball-room dancer in a voluminous skirt lending itself to be also called the “Dancing Ladies”.

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2 Responses to MS on World Orchid Conference 2011

  1. Jayne Tay says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    Greetings from Hill and Knowlton Singapore. We are the official PR agency for the 20th World Orchid Conference Singapore 2011.

    We notice a slight error in the dates reflected and will appreciate it if you could make the amendments.

    The 20th World Orchid Conference is held from 13th to 20th November 2011, not14th to 23rd November 2011.

    Thank you for your attention in this matter.


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