Norway Issued Stamp on Fridtjof Nansen

\"\"Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen (Oslo, October 10, 1861 – Lysaker, May 13, 1930) was one of the world’s most famous polar explorer, politician and diplomat. He was the first who explored the Greenland inland on dog-sledges in 1882 and 1886, and from the 1893 till 1896 he explored the North Sea. He gained the worldwide fame with his expeditions across Greenland and on the ship Fram across Arctic Ocean he reached at the northernmost point of the Arctic.

 The Council of the League of Nations founded the High Commission for Refugees in 1921 headed by Nansen. For stateless persons which were entrusted to him, Nansen issued the passport, identification document which was eventually recognized by 52 governments in the world. In the ninth year of the office, Nansen took care of thousands of refugees using methods that will become a classic: custody, repatriation, rehabilitation, immigration, integration. In recognition for his work with refugees and people affected with hunger Nansen received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922. The League of Nations opened Nansen International Office for Refugees in 1931 that is awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1938 for its humanitarian work around the world.

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