Recent Stamps of Pakistan:Demand for a Stamp on Dengue


Release Date – 23 Sep 2011


Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO)

Release Date- 16 Sep 2011

RawalpindiSmall countries like Bhutan, Laos and Thailand earn billions of dollars in foreign exchange by issuing beautiful stamps on worldwide topics.Our neighboring country India issues stamps on Mahatama Gandhi at regular intervals, thus making him the most popular man on the Internet and amongst those whose hobby is collecting stamps.

In Pakistan, however, it is the opposite. Our post office seems to be issuing stamps which have no international attraction for collectors.A recent example is the issuance of a stamp with the picture of the Karachi Gymkhana Club.

Pakistan is facing the worst epidemic threat of dengue fever and is looking towards world donors for financial assistance to help flood-affected people in Sindh.I would like to request the authorities at the helm of affairs at the Pakistan Post Office to issue stamps on dengue fever and on the flood situation in Sindh.The stamp on dengue can become an international stamp on a medical theme and Pakistan can earn billions of dollars of foreign exchange that can also be used for rehabilitation of flood-affected people. Stamps must be issued in a minimum quantity of 10 million so that it can reach every corner of the world.(

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5 Responses to Recent Stamps of Pakistan:Demand for a Stamp on Dengue

  1. Sandeep says:

    Dear Zaidi Sahib,

    I would like to see an India – Pak joint issue on friendly relations.
    And then we can write each other letters and exchange the jointly issued stamps.

    Hope India Post and Pak Post read this.

    Many thanks.


    You are right. When 2 persons are not on talking terms, perhaps
    the art of stamps can be used to encourage them to at least write
    each other a brief if not a long letter.

  3. Dinu says:

    I agree to Mr. Sandeep’s comment

  4. anil kr pujara says:

    Reading this article on the attitude of Postal Authorities of Pakistan gives a different type of satisfaction that how similar are the attitudes/ working style of concerned authorities of both the countries i.e. Pakistan n India towards Philately. . After all before 15th August 1947 we both were one.That is another reason to issue a joint stamp

    • Sandeep says:

      Dear Sirs,

      Since you all are very senior philatelists, can you please elaborate on the following:
      – How exactly are joint issues by two countries initiated?
      – Do we have joint issues by more than two countries at a time also?
      – Can joint issues be proposed by individuals of either country? If yes, then are there any committments to be made by the proposer (I mean things like, proposer must buy 1 lakh stamps etc.)?
      Thanks in advance for your comments.

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