Second Sharjah Arabian Stamp Exhibition : October 18 – 22

The Emirates Philatelic Association (EPA) has invited collectors from the region to take part in the event from October 18-22 and are hoping to build on last year\’s success when thousands of people visited. This time they are giving awards to the best collections as judged by a panel of experts from the EPA.President of the Emirates Philatelic Association and local businessman, Abdulla Khoory, said the goal this year would be to help the public understand the role of stamps in the development of the region.\”Last year\’s success has seen an increase in our membership up towards the 300 mark but most significantly it has led to collectors from the region getting in touch who we did not know about,\” he said.\”Hidden treasure has been discovered and we are delighted it will be going on show this year.\”Significant collections from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain will be on display as well as many from there in the UAE.\”This year the public, both young and old, will be able to learn about the development of the Gulf through stamps. The stories of particular countries and cities will be told through the collection which I think is a great way to educate people.\”

Omar Mohammed Ahmad, 49, is the general secretary of the EPA and is sitting on the new judging panel.\”The goal is to really spark the imagination of the young people to get involved as stamp collecting is fascinating and a fantastic hobby to have.\”
Khalid Ali Omaira will show an exceptional collection that documents the development early days of Abu Dhabi\’s postal service from the late 1950s to 1971.Mr Omaira, said: \”My collection of stamps and envelopes shows the methods of correspondence that the traders and the people of Abu Dhabi used to communicate with the outside world before the founding of the Abu Dhabi post office.\”They used mail services in the neighboring areas like Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain. The collection extends to the early days of the Abu Dhabi post office, which was run by the British post office in Bahrain at that time. It shows the stamps of that era, the paths of the correspondents and the tariffs used.\”There is no one special favorite stamp for me. The collections that are showcased in exhibitions today are a result of long research and deep studies. Each of them forms a beautiful story.\”

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