One More Golden Feather on SIPA

\"\"Special Report By Sreejesh Krishnan

SIPA’11.. Philatelic exhibition from 7th October to 9th October 2011 concluded on 9theve at Chennai with grand closing ceremony function.  Shri G. Balakrishna Das, the present president and one of the founder member of SIPA told this is the 13th Stamp Exhibition organized by SIPA.  First Exhibition was a small exhibition and the second and the third was Indo-American Stamp exhibitions.  SIPA was Organised ECOPEX, BIOPEX like environmental related exhibitions also.   Present exhibition was arranged with 422 frames eye blowing philatelic materials which includes 4 frames from invitees, 13 frames of Pre-Independence, 10 frames of Postal History, 10 frames Fiscals, 22 frames of Rest of the World, 3 frames of Modern philately, 5 frames of Maximaphily, 17 frames of Postal Stationery, 48 frames of one frame exhibitions, 62 frames of Juniors and 13 frames of Schools.  50 numbers of dealer also presented all the 3 days.  3 Special covers were released during the exhibition.

On 07-10-2011 – Coral Reef – Gulf of Mannar

On 08-10-2011 – Endangered Grizzled Squirrel and Maritime Heritage of Tamilnadu.\"\"\"\"\"\"

 I personally met some Senior Philatelist of SIPA , Shri D. H. Rao and Shri G. Amarchand\"\" and shared their views on Philately during 60’s – 70’s  and present.  Now lack of guidance is visible in all corners. Nobody is there to guide, what to collect how to collect.  Even I also felt while seeing the last 2-3 exhibitions the meaning of Philately is going out…… soon it may change as FINATELY….. only finance, is trade is going in the name of philately.

  SIPA’s some old exhibitions covers\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"

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6 Responses to One More Golden Feather on SIPA

  1. anil kr pujara says:

    Undoutedly lack of guidance n infiltration of element of greed is basically responsible for killing this hobby which has become a breeding point for INVESTORS now a days. I agree even talking to senior philatelists like Sh Amar Chand, Sh Balakrishnan n Sh DH Rao is primarily a rewarding experience since they are treasure of knowledge n experience which they are too willing to share provided you should be willing to receive.

  2. dr pradeep jain says:

    Nice exhibition, but no philatelic promotion.Everywhere this is the scenario that these exhibitions have become a plateform for dealers nohing to do with collectors except purchasing of material.
    Actually the purpose of exhibitions is promotion of Philately,but now few of the senior collectors are remaining with this aim otherwise after seeing the philasensex everyone is behind the bullrun…..what will be the future of Indian philately??????


    Congratulations for the Success. Sixtytwo frames for Juniors & 13 for Schools . Great Work !
    Teach genext to soak some stamps off the envelopes-but how?
    Personally I do not get any stamps in the mail anymore!
    India Post should be giving some sort of QUOTA of commemorative
    issues to smaller post-offices, at least on District level.


    Lots of items in the PHILASENSEX are downright objectionable. Like the 2005 Guru Granth Sahib issue that can’t be legally displayed in an exhibition.
    Several other items are highly questionable too:
    – 1952 Poets Gutter Pairs.
    – 1957 Map Definitive Series called Coils but in fact stamps
    numbered on the back.
    Also, look at the alacrity with which they have included such new
    entries like Rathyatra M.S. Varieties & Mystamps of 2011.
    And why NO FDCs in the index?? Also, despite my mentioning
    they have not included the 1998 se-tenant, Homage to Martyrs
    issue in the Philisensex, issued for Rs.11.- & being sold on the
    internet for around Rs.400.- for a mint.

  5. d h rao, chennai says:

    dear mr krishnan, thank you for spotting me and interacted about exhibition covers. even though exhibitions are too many ,some of thers with their catchts and spl cancellation do fill our gaps in many themes. offcourse too many too bad. i am a maritime heritage story teller through philately. the spl cancellation on the 8th oct cover and the datcht fills a vacant chapter called rock art depicting watercrafts.i feel deeply indepted to sipa for filling this long felt gap.once again i thank sipa and cpmg, tn circle but for whom this would not have been possible.true philately in india has to go a longway to maturity. dhr

  6. Dinu says:

    Dear Mr. Kishnan,
    Request you to read my post ( I am sure you have already done it) on 16.08 or 17.08.11 and you shall surely find one more soul suffering like you to see the change of Philately to Finately.

    Once in a “so – called” saturday meeting of philatelist I have suggested that for sure those who were present in right time and right place with mind to earn will do so as it is not unconstitutional; but looking in to the price at which beautiful stamps are offered any novice can also calculate the gain of them. Again I have no objection to it.
    But is it not possible for each one of them to develop two junior children as philatelist by giving them stamps at face value. they do not loose that much ….
    I was doing collection without any guidance since 1984 till 1999 ( 1984 – 1987 used stamps) then sporadic mints – stopped it – wanted to thorw away my useless collection in 2009 and my son (then 6+0 showed interest. But now to get some old stamps (not Gandhi, rarity, error or Granth Sahib)!!!!! — The experience is hellish except one where someone gifted me four mint stamps. Rare kind soul – God bless him.

    Let me see how long we can sustain in Phifinately environment.

    India Post also does not stick to displayed list of issue (displayed in website) making it more difficult for a PDAC holder to know whether the stamp was issued or not. (Example M S Appasaheb Kadadi and naval Dock yard of recent…)

    We go on wasting our time in website in vain that India Post will see and react – but for these things computer literacy is not that much like other babu – officialdom of India.
    I forgot that it is e- post era and not see – post era.

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