Bhutan Issued Stamps of Royal Couple

 Bhutan Postal Corporation Limited (BPCL) launched 60,000 stamps of the royal couple to\"\" commemorate the royal wedding, and observe World Post Day on October 9.Six sets of stamps include a sheet of sheet-lets, two sets of souvenir sheets, two sets of holograms, and one set of gold stamps.The chief executive officer of Bhutan Post, Tseten Geltsen, said the stamps were produced in Thailand. “Because their quality is exceptional and, moreover, the Thais revere His Majesty as much as they respect their King,” he said.Bhutan Post plans to commercialize the stamps on the wedding day, October 13, and not, as reported in the Thai media, he clarified.stamps cost between Nu 25 to Nu 225.Bhutan Post will provide free domestic postal service on October 13 to 15, besides the free shuttle bus service on October 15 for the people of Thimphu.It will also distribute stamps to students through philatelic school clubs on October 13.

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