Information Needed on Indian Railway Stations

\"\"Volker G. Grossmann from Germany has a collection of view cards of India Railway stations.He needs some information about Indian railway stations. Volker needs the information of any railway station in this format

The station was build from ___ to ___ .
Architect / builder :
Platforms :
Gauge :
Inhabitants of your town :      in 1850 ( for instance, may be you know an
other year )
In 1900
In 2000
Industry :
Agriculture :
Cultural things :
Histrical Highlights :
According to Volker his best collection is about the Indian railway cancellations between 1860 and 1890. You can see the old version in internet : . The new version will be there after the exhibition in Hannover in November ( friendly exhibition Germany – Great Britaain ). The collecting of postcards is new in the German Philatelic Society. So I begin to collect the railway stations of India. The main collection is naturally about the Indian railway – cancellations.Philatelists can send any information in this regard to or to Volker G. Grossmann,Goethestr. 23,D 66497 Contwig,Germany – Deutschland                                                                                 , Tel.: 0049 6332 568959\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"

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