India Post will Issue Stamp on Chitrapur Math Today

\"\"India Post will today release a commemorative stamp on Chitrapur Math.Chitrapur Math is the central Math (community temple) for the Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin sect. This Math is located in Shirali in Karnataka and has been there since 1757. The other Maths of this community are located in Gokarn, Karla, Mangalore and Mallapur. All the Maths have the insignia of the saffron flag.

The chief deity worshipped in this Math is Shri Bhavanishankar   who is a form of Lord Shiva. The other 6-7 sanctorums of the temple are reserved for the Samadhis   of the previous Guru Swami\’s of the community. Daily Puja is carried out at the shrine of Lord Bhavanishankar as well as the other Swamis.Swami Parijnanashram I is said to be a direct avatar of Lord Shiva himself and he came down from somewhere in North). Not much details are known about this Swami since record keeping within the Math started only in about 1722.Swami Shankarashram hailed from the Harite family. He was consecrated by Shri Parijnanashram Swami in 1720. He was a learned saint and a great Sanskrit scholar, having had the good fortune of long training under His Guru. A solemn promise was made to Him by Chitrapur Saraswat people in writing that they would be faithful to Him and would follow all His religious observances. This Swami gave up his mortal coil and attained Samadhi in 1757.The Nagarkatti family willingly offered their house in Chitrapur, Shirali for construction of the Samadhi and the Temple. This selfless contribution is the Math which stands till today.

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  2. Dinu says:

    Oh no – not again.

    There was a song which goes like

    ” you can kiss me on a Monday a Monday…
    But never never on a sunday a sunday
    coz’ that is the day of my rest”

    Why to listen to philatelist. It is the wish of ……??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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