South Georgia will Issue Stamp on Frank Wild

\"\"John Robert Francis Wild C.B.E. known as Frank, was one of the most outstanding Polar explorers of the \’Heroic Age\’. He undertook five Antarctic expeditions under the leadership of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Sir Douglas Mawson and was the only man to experience six gruelling winters in Antarctica. Frank Wild is one of only two people to be awarded a four bar Polar medal and each pair of stamps in this issue represent the expeditions for which he was awarded a bar.

Technical Details:Designer Andrew Robinson,Printer BDT International,Process Stochastic lithography,Perforation 14 per 2cms,Stamp size 28.45 x 42.58mm,Sheet Layout 10 (5 se-tenant pairs),Release date 25 November, 2011

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