Austria :Stamp on 90 Years of Burgenland

This  stamp shows a sight typical of this region, a pair of nesting storks, and celebrates 90\"\" years of Burgenland as part of the Republic of Austria.In 1919, the victors of the First World War decided in the Treaty of St Germain to award German West Hungary to Austria, and in the Treaty of Trianon Hungary was then obliged to abandon this part of its territory.

The inclusion in the Republic of Austria was regulated in the “Federal Constitutional Act on the Status of Burgenland as an Independent and Equal State within the Federal Country and its Provisional Establishment” dated 25 January 1921. The name Burgenland was apparently first proposed by a certain Dr. Gregor Meidlinger from Frauenkirchen on 6 September 1919 after a German West Hungarian delegation had consulted with the State Chancellor Karl Renner. However, the name became official and generally used at the latest following the above-mentioned Federal Constitutional Act concerning the Status of Burgenland dated 25 January 1921.

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