Mistake Makes Brooklyn Ctr Nonprofit\’s Wildlife Stamp a Hot Commodity

A Brooklyn Center nonprofit says a hiccup in printing one of its latest wildlife stamps is\"\" making it a hot commodity.Wildlife Forever officials say no one noticed that their name had been left off the stamp which was unveiled in June at the State-Fish Art  Expo, a national competition for young stamp artists in Athens, Texas.That is, until Lake Minnetonka Stamp Club member Dick Westerling pointed it out to them during a recent visit to their office.Wildlife Forever officials say they discovered 1,250 stamps out of 25,000 annual stamps they printed have the mistake–the words \”Wildlife Forever\” missing from the left margin of the stamp.Since stamp collectors are always looking for something unusual, the nonprofit decided to sell the single \”error\” stamp with a $5 denomination for $10, or you can buy a set of the \”error\” stamp and the corrected stamp for $15.They say it will make it possible for everyone to collect the stamp.The artwork was created by Justas Varpucanskis, a 7th grader from Illinois.

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One Response to Mistake Makes Brooklyn Ctr Nonprofit\’s Wildlife Stamp a Hot Commodity


    Printing more ERROR stamps of Wildlife Forever:
    Good example of using philately to collect money for charity.
    Hope, this does not set an example to contrive & CREATE
    more of such errors.

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