Gandhi Khadi MS on Indipex-2011 Special Cover

By Anil Kr Pujara\"\"

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6 Responses to Gandhi Khadi MS on Indipex-2011 Special Cover

  1. Sudhir Jain says:

    Khadi Stamp is going outside the spl. cover which is not correct.

  2. anil kr pujara says:

    This aspect should have been taken care of by India Post. Further it is not advisable to temper with original shape n size of postal stationary just to make it accomodate the ms/ss etc.


    If a cover is not issued by India Post & still one wishes to have a
    first day cancellation, why not use a right-size good quality plain envelope?
    Even the private cover used here could be put to good use by prying the
    Gandhi Khadi stamp out of the miniature sheet & using the actual
    stamp in place of the full M.S..
    Miniature sheet hanging out of the little envelope looks kind of odd!

  4. Kamran Ahmad says:

    A true example of self satisfaction.

  5. anil kr pujara says:

    Mr Garg, This ms was special n there was special cover released for INDIPEX-11. This combination of both special items prompted me to stick this ms on the cover n go for cancellation.I appreciate the reading of Mr Kamran that It was created for SELF SATISFACTION which is the driving force behind this HOBBY.


    Mr.Pujara, yes indeed it is all about self-satisfaction.
    Different ways at different times. Once we cut the envelopes for stamps
    now we tend to keep them. Once we so satisfyingly hinged our stamps,
    whether used or mint. These days hinges are almost a 100% no…no.

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