Be Vegetarian -Today is World Vegetarian Day 2011

\"\"By Pratyancha Jain D/0 Dr.Pradeep Jain

The World Vegetarian Day is celebrated since 1977 and was started by the North American Vegetarian Society for promoting life- improving possibilities, compassion and joy of the vegetarianism in the field of the health consideration, compassion for animals, ecological awareness and worldwide hunger problems. An increasing number of people are turning towards a vegetarian diet. The reasons vary from religious, environmental, cruelty towards animals, to just the desire for a healthier lifestyle. A predominantly non-vegetarian diet poses many health risks whereas most religions including Islam and Christianity in some or the other part of their holy books talk about the cruelty in killing animals.\"\"

 \"\"We all know of celebrities who follow a vegetarian diet. From Bill Clinton to APJ Abdul Kalam, a great many personalities are or have turned vegans for whatever the reason may be. A vegetarian diet is proven to be very beneficial – from a healthy heart to working as prevention from cancer.

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  1. anil kr pujara says:

    Very informative n educative writeup n equally supportive n illustrative images.

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