Living People to Appear on U.S. Stamps

For the first time, living people will be eligible to be honored on U.S. postage stamps. The U S Postal Service   announced Monday that it is ending its longstanding rule that stamps cannot feature people who are still alive and it’s asking the public to offer suggestions on who should be first.Since Jan. 1, 2007, the requirement has been that a person must have been deceased five years before appearing on a stamp. Before that, the rule was 10 years. (By tradition, though, former presidents are remembered on a stamp in the year following their deaths.).The post office announced that it will consider stamps for acclaimed American musicians, sports stars, writers, artists and other nationally known figures.“This change will enable us to pay tribute to individuals for their achievements while they are still alive to enjoy the honor,” Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said in a statement.

Stamp Services manager Stephen Kearney said, “Engaging the public to offer their ideas is an innovative way to expand interest in stamps and the popular hobby of collecting them.”They are inviting suggestions through Facebook, Twitter, a postal service website and, of course, by mail to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, c/o Stamp Development, Room 3300, 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Washington DC 20260-3501.The advisory committee receives as many as 40,000 suggestions for new stamps each year and culls them down to about 50 finalists, which are sent to the postmaster general for a final decision.

The post office has been facing severe financial problems and increasing in interest instamp collecting could help boost income, since stamps that are collected rather than used for postage provide an added source of income.

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6 Responses to Living People to Appear on U.S. Stamps


    “The post office has been facing severe financial problems and increasing in interest instamp collecting could help boost income, since stamps that are collected rather than used for postage provide an added source of income.”
    Quoted above,

    It will heart the people who believe in ” hobby is for pleaser and not for profit .


    Why worry USPS!! Michael Jackson stamp is going sell several times
    over the Elvis Presley stamp that has reportedly sold more than
    120,000,000, even if MJ stamp is issued 5 years after his actual

  3. N. A. Mirza says:

    This is indeed a good service. This way we honour and acknowledge the services of eminent people, poets, writers, journalists, actors & actresses, musicians, teachers, sportsmen, social workers, activiss connected with philathropic societies and groups, even judges, diplomats and beauracrats etc. etc. in their life time. I have already suggested this in one my comments a few days ago while writing on Rafi Ahmad Kidwai and PhilaMiror readers whole heartedly supported the idea. India Post should not lose time and begin a least with at least those who have made tremendous contributions like Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Chopra Saheb, Madhuri Dixit, Saroj Khan and list has no end and ours is a verstile country of versatile people a nd we take pride in unity in diversity. Commemoratives on living legends will help in unity.

    N.A. Mirza

  4. anil kr pujara says:

    India Post thinks that prominent people are already well known in the country then why issue commamorative stamps on them. Rather they search lesser known mortal who are not even known in their extended family for the contribution WHICH MAKE THEM ELIGIBLE to get the honour in the shape of COMMAMORATIVE STAMP for EVER thirsty n hungry PHILATELISTS.

  5. Dinu says:

    Request you all to see Times of India dated 01.10.2011 Editorial section in epaper

    Article “Post man always rings twice…” – A nice article to read.

    Please change date to 1st October and go to editorial section as the whole hyper link might not work,


  6. Dinu says:

    To further the debate (Basically it might appear to be little crude – like Philatelist awaits for the stamp of their idols / thematic or other wise even if that means death for that person to be on commemorative stamps – which is not the case) I shall like to know if there is no proponent will a deserving person can have his commemorative – Sorry, paradox again as he has to be long gone – rather will we, the philatelist can have stamps of that person.
    Just for example
    Ex presidents of India
    1. Neelam Sanjeev Reddy (13.05.1913 – 01.06.1996) – His successor Andhra CM has stamp in his name.

    I am not aware if acting presidents measures upto standard for a Commemorative stamp.
    Pujaraji – for sure lesser known people should be featuring in stamps such that all people comes to know about them. Well known people are well known – then why to waste effort.
    Please understand Sir 😉
    When someone reads a information brochure in many cases it appears to be bits and pieces and does not narrate the story well.
    Let us be patient and be happy with whatever we can get.

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