An Example of \” Management\” at CHINAR 2011

By Satya Narayan Pattnaik,Bargarh Orissa

\"\" I send money by emo to Sr. Post Master  srinagar GPO ,ordering my stamp sheets of my wife my son,and myself .sending passport size photo id proof and details of 17 types of sheets@150 per sheet total 51 sheets..They sent total of special @rs150 sent by emo yesterday. I surprised to receive the covers.all sent back.What type of irresponsible persons are there ?

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5 Responses to An Example of \” Management\” at CHINAR 2011

  1. atish jain says:

    This happens ONLY IN INDIA !!!!!

  2. Er.H.K.Jain says:

    Dear Mr.Pattnaik,

    I received special covers of Floating P.O. instead of special covers issued in Leh, look out condition & position of cancellation on cover.
    I also returned all covers to Nehru Park P.O.



    Whom can you trust these days!! You must be expecting Mystamps,
    what you got – almost a coverfull of Srinagar Snow instead.
    Not only should you get your money back but the official involved
    should be identified and fined in personal capacity.
    It appears that Mystamp is being cornered!
    To discourage such practices India Post must print a bigger than usual
    quantity of these stamps & sell them as usual.

  4. dr pradeep jain says:

    This is the result which was expected by India post.Earlier this event was popularised thru most of the philatelic blogs that so many as 8 varities of different items will be released which ultimately reduced to two items.Thank god….atleast two but that too for those dealers who arranged this megashow behind the curtain.There is no use of giving publicity to this type of events because they create an chaos among enthusiastic philatelists.

  5. Dinu says:

    Dealer Dealer everyhwere….
    (it should be sung in the tune of water, water everywhere)

    They are dear, they make stamp dearer ….

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