Mystery of Missing Miniature Sheet

By Anil Kr Pujara

\"\"In the cannons of Indian Philately, rarely it has happened that a miniature sheet has disappeared from the market in such a short span. First of all no one knew that a miniature sheet is also going to be issued along with the release of commemorative stamp on Krishnadevaraya. India Post never incorporated in the schedule that there is a plan to release of Miniature Sheet also. Suddenly, when miniature sheet landed at the desk of bureaus, it caused a flutter in the Philatelic World. It   caught everybody by surprise. The beautiful design n size of the miniature sheet added fuel to the fire. The miniature sheet fits in to the variety of themes namely—coins, animals, horses, elephants, art, architecture, heritage etc. The pricing of the miniature acted as a last nail in the coffin. It made dealers very active n they all burnt mid night oil to exploit their all connections with India Post officials to corner the Miniature Sheets. These particular MS had disappeared from the bureaus n counters in no time. Even PDA a/c holders have not yet received their ordered quantity in their supply. Some have not recd even a single piece for their collection n were ultimately forced to look forward to dealers to just complete their collection even. Worst, till date India Post has not officially declared the quantity of MS. Speculation is rife about the quantity of this MS. Suddenly one fine morning you find big number of Packets of the MS is put up for sale on eBay by some dealers. India Post officials are not even trying to find out how it goes missing from the collectors n finds stock at one place. Will India Post rise to the occasion?

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9 Responses to Mystery of Missing Miniature Sheet

  1. Dinu says:

    Dear Pujaraji,

    Please see post in Phila Mirror dated 16.08.2011 and 12/13.09.2011.

    I have raised this and many other quesries – but alas until today there is no answer from any quarter.

    Thanks for your input, which tells me I am not the only one in the darkness.

    Do you think there will be any redressal? It is posted in this site only that there were more than one kind of error in this particular MS. That is another point which made it an vanished species.


    “Will India Post rise to the occasion?”
    Sir thy rise on occasion , responsibility be fixed on stages of system failing,like not announcing of issue,not giving no. of miniature prints, failing of distribution system so that philatelists( miniature a philatelic item only) could get them. The story is venders oriented and not philatelists friendly’s.

  3. N.A.Mirza says:

    Let us hope that India Post rises to the occasion as Mr. Pujara rightly demanded. A redressal Mr. Dinu demands is difficult but possible.
    N.A. Mirza

  4. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Pujara,
    Please send this letter under ‘complain’ to the directorate
    in personal and collective capacity,let us wait for 15 days
    send reminder and then if not responded report the matter
    to ministry.Make it a test case. Failing in our effort place the
    whole episode to press.
    please do it once.

  5. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Mr. Uday Kumar
    Philatelic Bureau,
    Patna GPO

    Dear Sir,

    India Post new philatelic calendar – 2012 price Rs. 200/- is now available on sale in all philatelic bureau since last few days, but we are unaware. We came to know about this today through my philatelist friend of Kolkata. Hence please note below few suggestions to look into and impliment the same to promote/ popularize Philately.

    · The new Philatelic products availability/launching for sale should be well communicated promptly through email to your PDA customer and also information should be display in the notice board and also information/news should be given to the Press print media for wider coverage.

    · The release of Stamp / First day cover the day of sale begin, should be similarly communicated.

    · Philatelic bureau should always have the promotional material about stamp collecting brouchers, books etc. This should be given to all new visitors to the bureau.

    · The philatelic bureau – Patna GPO is one of the best fully equipped bureau, thus its full advantage should be made available to every visitors who can one day turn into philatelist.

    · The philatelic bureau is a window to introduce into philately.

    · Philatelic Bureau slogan should be reach out to customer always.

    I shall be glad to have your response by return mail.

    Best wishes,

    Member : Royal Philatelic Society, London
    PTS (U.K.), A.I.E.P. (Europe), APS (USA)
    POST BOX 128,
    PATNA 800 001 (INDIA)
    PH: 0091-612-2215929
    FAX: 0091-612-2238010
    Mobile : 0091-93341 32162

  6. Dinu says:

    Dear Dr. Jain, Dear Mr. Mishra,

    Nice to know you have written a letter to authority.
    However, what is not clear from the letter is the date i.e. when was it written.

    I am just curious to know if you have received any response from any quarter. Whatever I write to DPS – Delhi Circle is never answered.

    Why do I expect a reply from a director level I wonder?

    Please note despite my repeated statement of not issuing new issue on Sundays (How can we call a day as first day of issue in case common people cannot buy the stamp and use it on the day of issue) today, 15th January 2012 a new issue has been done.

    Do you think anyone listen to our lament?

    I am planning for further avenue to get an answer.
    Can we make a common complaint sign all and then send it to Ministry of communication.


  7. Aayush says:

    That wont do any help. Our stamp program for 2012 is still not out and that itself is the biggest shame. So far 3 issues are planned for release in january 2012 and all are personalities! Height of idiocity and casuality from the postal department. What we need is someone like Anna Hazare who will stand up for philatelists and their rights.

  8. Leonard DSouza says:

    1.Shame on Nagpur Philatelic Bureau… Sep to Dec 2010 Stamps not yet despatched till 18.1.12 for account holders,forcing me to close my account.
    2. Indian Postage seems to be obsessed with only personalities of the south..don’t we hv prominent personalities/sages etc frm other parts of India?
    3. We have so many late Presidents and Prime Ministers, yet no stamp on some of them. Wake up India Posts.

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