Acharya Jaimal Ji Stamp:Why Releasing on Sunday?

This is with the reference to your email. In this connection it is to inform you that the  stamp mentioned by you in your email will be available for sale on counter on 26.09.2011  because 25.09.2011 is going to be Sunday. The work of cancellation of stamp and first day cover will also be done on 26.09.2011. it is for your kind information.
APM (Philately)

This is the reply from India Post officials to Senior philatelist Dinbandhu Mahapatra’s e-mail.Mr Mahapatra is raising few very important points about releasing stamps on holidays.

A stamp is being issued on Sunday. Like many stamps, which are released in evening can\"\" not be purchased OTC before they are released and by the time the last post has been cleared for the day. These evening released stamps cannot be used on same day to have the normal date cancellation of same day on them.Worse still the stamp released on Sunday can be purchased only on Monday. So, other than proponent no one can lay their hand on it before next morning.Technically speaking since it is not open for general public how can it be claimed to have been released on a non working day. Is it not something against the philatelic interest?Ever since it has been made a rule that FD cancellation can be made for six months from the date of issue I think to read somewhere about some rule by international exhibition committee on it.

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