Stamp on 90 Years of the Federation of Austrian Philatelist Societies

\"\"The Federation of Austrian Philatelist Societies is celebrating its 90th birthday, an event marked by the present commemorative with a surcharge of EUR 0.20. It was on 9 March 1921 that representatives of 16 stamp collectors´ clubs came together in the once famous Dreierl restaurant in Vienna´s first district in order to found the Federation of Austrian Philatelist Societies, the VÖPh.Federation with its currently 300 member societies continues to flourish unabated. The VÖPh continues to perform its functions – the broad-ranging promotion of philately and the safeguarding of collectors interests – in today’s very changed conditions. Incidentally, the fact that the anniversary is not celebrated on the precise date of foundation but rather six months later has a certain tradition in the history of the Federation. Previous anniversaries were also mostly celebrated a few months later, on the occasion of the annual Federation conference.The motif of the new commemorative shows a design by Hannes Margreiter, a graphic interpretation of the global message of stamps as carefully guarded by the Federation of Austrian Philatelist Societies.

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