Permanent Pictorial Postmarks of Gujrat

By Raman Kumar Mandal

Saputara Hill Station, Saputara

\"\"Saputara is a hill station situated at a height of 2800 feet in the Dang District in Gujrat on the border withMaharashtra. It has a very rich flora and has unparalleled scenic beauty. The cancellation design portrays a Musical instrument used by the local tribes while celebrating Holy Festival was introduced at marriages and other social events.The cancellation has been introduced at Saputara Post office on 27.03.1984.

Sidi Saiyad\’s Window, Ahmedabad  

\"\"This mosque is one of the very few monuments situated within Bhadra citadel its north east corner in Ahmedabad. Occupying an area of about 1978.25 sq. metres, this small, magnificent mosque has become world famous for the unique semicircular tracery window, ten in number which adorn the upper zones of the side and back walls, particularly the two on the western wall, symmetrically situated. They are unparalleled to any similar workmanship elsewhere inIndia. They form, by the very nature of their diversity of design and unity of pattern a class by themselves. Eight other windows have square grid pattern jalis which are also exquisite. The Monument was built in A.D. 1572-73 during the Sultan Muzaffar (A.D. 1561-73).The cancellation has been introduced at Ahmedabad GPO  on 16-07-1984.

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