Iceland Released Stamps on Snaefellsnes National Park

By Datta Dharmadhikari

SEPAC   stands for Small European Postal Administrations Corporation.  This cooperation\"\" is primarily concerned with issuing postage stamps but also includes sales and marketing. This year’s theme of the joint issue of 11 member nations of SEPAK is landscape.  The motif of the Icelandic stamps in this third and last issue is “Snaefellsjokull”  (Snaefell Glacier) National Park.   Snaefellsjokull National Park was founded by a legislation on nature conservation in June 2001 and is the fourth national park in Iceland.  The area is characterized by its extremely diverse geology.  Formerly it was the site of hectic activity with up to 60 fishing boats and 300-400 seamen during the fishing season.  Among the books that have carried the name of Snaefellsjokull around the world is the novel by French author Jules Verne ”Journey to the Centre of the World”. On 15th September, 2011, Iceland has issued two multicoloured stamps depicting this national park.

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