Indipex 73 – Black Colour Shifted

By Datta Dharmadhikari

In India’s first miniature sheet issued on the occasion of Indipex 73, I have found colour shifted variety.   In 1 rupee stamp, In one of the miniature sheets, the world Indipex in Hindi and English in black letters have come out of the stamp frame.  The colour of peacock in Rs.2 stamp also appears to be different in the same miniature sheet.  Both normal and colour shifted variety miniature sheets have been displayed here for perusal of the viewers.\"\"

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3 Responses to Indipex 73 – Black Colour Shifted

  1. atish jain says:

    Very Good Find….

  2. Sankha Samanta says:

    It might sound cynical, but I think all Indian Philatelists should consider relinquishing the desire to collect and comment on errors in Indian Stamps as they are in abundance,…rather reserve special care and comments on correctly printed ones and preserve them for its rarity!

    • SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

      Thanks Mr.Samantha! Guide us more often as your words carry weight like no one else’s. No wonder your work is there in the National Philatelic Museum. Most Indian Commemoratives are
      not even perfectly centered because of very poor perforation
      standards, perhaps.
      One particular issue I remember is that of Indipex-97, 4v set depicting River Mail,Cancellations etc. Beautiful stamps all, but
      I did not personally got to see one that was perfectly centered.

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