Historical Saudi Jewelry 1st set

\"\"By N.A. Mirza

Saudi Post released in 2010 a sheetlet with six stamps on jewelry and the Saudi authorities took care to  title it “Historical Saudi Jewelry – 1st set” as it shows influences. It depicts different bracelets, armlets and silver bangles. It also show both Bedouin and urban styles and the innovations like the bracelets and pin-fastened bracelets and the stone-studded bracelets apart from the intricately designed bangles. Written records show that since ancient times Bedouin in Arabia used gold and silver ornaments.“Arabian Bedouin Jewelry is tremendously exciting for a unique reason: its techniques and styles bear striking resemblance to jewelry of civilizations long ended” writes Heather Colyer Ross in Bedouin Jewelry in Saudi Arabia (edn 1978, published by Stancey International, London).

Of late Saudi Post has departed from the traditional long sheets which consisted of over 40 stamps per sheet. Now small eye-catching sheetlets are issued with themes and some technical data. The year is printed in both Hijri (Islamic) and Gregorian year with Saudi emblem. The same emblem used to appear as watermark on old Saudi stamps in the past.It is not surprising that to note such jewelry is still used in the subcontinent. While pin-fastened bracelets represents the urban choice, the twisted rod bracelets and silver bangles represent the rural life. Such ornaments made of pure gold were mainly the prerogatives of women in the former princely states of India. In India, Pakistan and Bangladesh they are part of an affinity which has still kept the divided people tied in a bond.

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