My Stamp : India Vs. USA

By  Sudhir Jain

During INDIPEX 2011, I had ordered for MYSTAMP and shocked to see the quality of printing, specially my photo. Whole face was black and it was the case of most of the MYSTAMP orders. On the other hand, during my recent US visit, I had ordered  for MYSTAMP at United States Postal Service. The printing quality of these stamps was very good. Here are both the stamps. readers can see the difference.\"\"\"\"

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2 Responses to My Stamp : India Vs. USA

  1. Dinu says:

    Respected Jain Saab,

    I shall most humbly request you to forgive and forget it as a venture like a infant’s (developing nation’s ) first wavering step towards something new.

    I got my whole family’s My stamp done in INDIPEX 2011 and did the wrong decision of taking delivery at site.

    After an agonising wait of approx two hours (error of estimation done on lower side) in a long sweat stricken Q, getiing tickled and in ribs, pushed in the seat of trouser, squizzed from all direction (Thanks God that I was not made of gaseous particle, else there was a good chance of re -proving the Charles’ law and Boyle’s law) and being forced to move in Brownian motion somehow I got those beauties in my hand.

    Quality – Even my mother cannot recognise me in the photo; My daughter’s photo – thanks God that “Most wanted” was not written below it. Only the stamps with my mother in laws and wife’s photo came out good out of five sets (my son’s one had to be reprinted due to his wailing after looking at his one and become tolerable – I say tolerable!!). There was a generous offer of getting reprint – but I did not want to spend my whole precious day by changing Q.

    So, please see, out of 5 – 2 good – 1 tolerable – 2 trashable = Success rate of 50%.

    Is not it too much to ask for more than it? That is why i do not complain.
    I was taught to look only at positive side on my mother’s knee and in school they told me ” To err is human to forgive is divine”.

    Always there is a next chance for ….What? Better Luck next time.
    Hope you and the esteemed readers should agree to my point.
    If anyone of you believe that I have erred then see the rule above to be divine.


  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    Dear dinu,
    You have given a new thought of life. Thanks for the same.
    It is ok for normal life. But when we have paid money for something then we must get the same.

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