Sweden:Equestrian Sports Stamp Issue

With the addition of the three stamps in the Equestrian Sports booklet, Lars Sjööblom has\"\" engraved close to 20 stamps depicting horses. His debut horse stamp was issued in 1987, Ehrenstrahl’s 17th century painting of King Karl XI’s magnificent horse, Blå Tigern (Blue Tiger).Lars Sjööblom used to draw the lines for his engravings with a pen by placing a piece of transparent paper over the proof. Since the fall of 2010 he has been able to prepare for his engraving on the computer using an electronic sketch pad and PhotoShop software. The first stamp using the new technology was Erik XIV’s extremely detailed parade armor. “There are many advantages to the new technology. It is easy to enlarge and shrink the picture and quickly change some of the lines,” says Lars Sjööblom.Once he has decided which lines will form the basis of his engraving, the lines are the transferred to the steel plate. At this point he can start engraving and the interaction between his eyes, burin and hand begins.

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