Centenary of Hongkong University Stamps

By Datta Dharmadhikari

\"\"Hong Kong Post is on 15th September,2011, is  issuing a set of 6 stamps to mark the centenary of Honk Kong university. In 1911, the university of Hong Kong was incorporated by the University Ordinance.  A group of visionaries founded the first university in the territory, from where generations of leaders across the region could come forth.  For the past century, the University has been growing with Hong Kong and intertwining itself with the city”s destiny, and has re-defined its position on the global landscape of education.This year marked an important milestone in the University’s history—its Centenary.  Hongkong Post will issue a set of  six commemorative stamps to mark the historic occasion. $1.40 stamp shows the main building in 1910 and the Golden Trowel whereas $1.80 stamp depicts the main building in 1912 together with the Fete and Bazaar poster. The Union building in 1919 with the Main Building in the background has been shown on $2.40 stamp. The statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen also seen on the left on the stamp.Three other stamps in the denominations of $2.50, $3.00 and $5.00 show, the roofless Main Building in 1946, the 1940s Main building, inkstand  together with the West Gate and the Main Building and its courtyard as they are today,with the Full Coat of Arms on the right.Defined by freedom, liberty and diversity, the University leads with groundbreaking discoveries, determined to build a better tomorrow with compassion, justice and dignity.

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