9/11:Philatelic Expressions

\"\"Terrorism is now a global phenomenon.9/11 is the day that the world can never forget. The September 11, 2001 attacks on America left an indelible mark on a generation.

No happening is as well documented as the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon – the internet has seen to that. But the real record lives in people’s heads: the moment of discovery, the disbelief, the dawning horror.

The attacks were an object lesson in economy of force, the destructive power that can be generated by a small group of fanatics exploiting the weaknesses of an infinitely more powerful opponent. They are also impossible to forget, a series of outrageous images stamped on the mind.

Mingled with those horrific images are memories of the mundane, normally disposable details made indelible: the afternoon in the office suddenly interrupted, the call from a friend or relative asking one to turn on the television, the sudden rousing from sleep.

Nations across the globe have expressed their concern on the issue of the terrorism and especially the event that shook the world on 9/11.Philately was of course one of the strong medium of expression of such concern. Many countries released postal stamps on the event. Philatelic remembrance of the 9/11 is widespread and quite vocal in these stamps.\"\"

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2 Responses to 9/11:Philatelic Expressions

  1. sudhir Jain says:

    During my recent US visit I had seen stamps / posters of stamps of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial and first President Washington stamps in Washington Memorial. I hope they will put 9/11 stamps in the proposed museum at Ground Zero at New York.

  2. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    The horrible incident 9/11 is still vivid in my mind after we had viewed from local tv and periodicals. Philately, my very first time to see these issuance from the three countries. Hope I could acquire copies later. Suggest if they could provide through mail brochure/flier of these issuance. Thanks.

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