Cayman Islands:Stamps on Catboat History

\"\"The catboat issue released last week is the third in the Cayman Islands Cultural Series.  Six stamps released  by the Cayman Islands Postal Service tell the story of the Caymanian catboat, a part of local history and culture for which there has been renewed enthusiasm in recent years. “This issue tells a story, beginning with the reason catboats were made, their impact on our economy and the fact that they continue to be around today,” Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said. “It involved taking a look into the past and bringing that to life so people can revisit an essential part of our history.” One hundred years ago, catboats were used to catch turtles, an activity shown on the 20¢ stamp. They were also used to carry cargo between the districts; this activity is shown on the $1.60 stamp. The actual building of the vessel is depicted on a 25¢ stamp, while sewing her sails is shown on the $2. Sailing around the Brac Bluff and a racing regatta and are shown on a 25¢ and 50¢ stamp respectively.

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