India Post will Release Stamp on Tejaji Maharaj Today


India Post will today release a commemorative stamp on Tejaji Maharaj at Kharnal in Rajasthan.Tejaji is considered to be folk-deity and worshiped in entire Rajasthan,UP,and Madhya Pradesh  by all communities. Tejaji as a historical person was born on Bhadrapad Shukla Dashmi, dated 29 January 1074, in the family of Dhaulya gotra Jats. His father was Chaudhary Taharji (Thirraj), a chieftain of Kharnal  in Nagaur district in Rajasthan . His mother\’s name was Sugna. Mother and father worshipped Shiva for birth of Tejaji, who took birth as a boon of Shiva.

Story:Lachha Gujari\’s cows stolen – Lachha Gujari was a friend of Pemal. Her house was about 2 km from Rupangarh. Lachhan Gujari helped Pemal to meet with Teja. For this Lachhan rode on camel and went to Teja facing many clashes with Meena sardars en route. Lachhan reached Teja and gave Pemal\’s message that if Tejaji does not come she will die. Parents of Pemal had decided to re-marriage her with some other person. At this time Pemal was going to die but saved by Lachhan. Tejaji came to Paner and saw her there. Pemal was a beautiful and attractive girl. They were talking with each other that they heard knock of Lachha Gujari. Lachha told Tejaji that thieves have taken away all her cows and there is no body in this to help. Tejaji mounted his mare Lilan and started alone to fight with dacoits, who had taken away Lachha\’s cows.

Tejaji brings back cows – Tejaji assured Lachha that he will do his duties of Kshatriya\"\" and bring her cows back. Tejaji mounted on Lilan and took all five weapons with him. Pemal insisted to go with him.  Tejaji, who was made for helping others, decided to bring those cows alone and left Pemal behind. 

The myth is that he encountered a snake burning in fire that was saved by Teja. That snake cursed Teja and wanted to bite Teja. In fact he had encountered with a Naga chieftain named Balunag who challenged Tejaji for a war. Tejaji assured Balunag that he will come back after fulfilling his promise. Balunag let him go in the direction in which Lachha’s cows were taken back.

Tejaji had war with the dacoits  in the valley of Chang at about 15 km distance from Sursura near the Mandawaria village.  While returning he kept his words and produced himself before the snake . The snake did not find unwounded place on the body of Teja so he offered to bite on tongue. The snakebite was on tongue of Teja. Tejaji died due to snakebite on 28 august 1103.

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  1. Sandeep says:

    Very good information on Tejaji Maharaj by PhilaMirror.
    Just a small suggestion on new issue related articles:
    – If philatelic data viz., issue form, denomination, watermark, perforations, printer, print quantity etc.
    may please also be provided for every issue, then it will definitely make PhilaMirror website – “the Jewel in the Crown”.

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