Austria Post\’s CO2 Neutral Delivery Stamp Issue

As the largest logistics enterprise in the country, the Austrian Post Office is involved in a\"\" very energy intensive business. Every year, around 6 billion items of mail are delivered – and every day the Austrian Post Office staff cover over 200,000 km on foot, by bicycle and moped, or by car and lorry. Each year, the company’s vehicles use around 15 million litres of fuel and its buildings consume roughly 180 million kWh of energy. This produces CO2 emissions that are a burden on the global climate. The Austrian Post Office is aware of its responsibility to the environment and is therefore always looking for ways to minimise its ecological footprint.

The European postal companies have set themselves the aim of reducing their CO2 emissions by 10% by 2012. In addition, the Austrian Post Office has now adopted further measures, and the delivery of all kinds of mail in Austria is to be entirely climate neutral.

For this reason, all letters, parcels and advertising mailings of the Austrian Post Office are to be delivered CO2 neutral within Austria. This is done firstly by a thorough reduction of the greenhouse gases by using environment-friendly technologies, and secondly through the efficient use of resources both in transport and building management. The top priority is always to avoid emissions in the company’s own core processes. All emissions that cannot be avoided by the Austrian Post Office and its partner enterprises will be compensated by means of voluntary support for national and international climate protection projects. Thus in the final analysis the Austrian Post Offices business activity will have no climate-damaging effects whatsoever. The quality assurance of the underlying CO2 calculations and the review of the climate protection projects supported, including their CO2 savings, is to be carried out by the independent certification agency TÜV Austria.
The present commemorative is as it were the philatelic companion to this ambitious environment protection project. The stamp shows the logo developed for this programme, and refers to the corresponding page on the Internet ( where further information on this important topic can be found.

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