Another Half Hearted Attempt of INDIA POST

By Anil Kr Pujara\"\"A commamorative stamp on DEV NARAYAN was released by Honble Union Minister Sachin Pilot at Asind in Rajasthan on 3rd Sep. 2011. Interestingly, the First Day Cover bears the cancelation of Udaipur Shastri  Circle Post office.The stamp has been released at Asind near Bhilwara but cancellation has been put of Udaipur Bureau.It is not the first time that a commamorative stamp has been released at a place other than a Bureau.But, it appears that it is for the first time that pre cancelled first day cover from a bureau has been released at other place which happens to be approximately over two hundred kms from the Bureau. If I am not wrong, it is not permitted by Indian Post Act.\"\"

Now the moot question is what prevented India Post in makig a catchet of Asind. In the recent past, stamp of Krishnadevaraya was released at Hampi with place cancelation of Hampi though there is no Bureau at Hampi.

\"\"Hampi falls under Belgaon Bureau but cancelation of Hampi was provided. It is not new. In the year 1956 on 23rd July, a commamorative stamp was released on the birth cenetanary of Lok Manya Tilak. A catchet of Ratnagiri was provided n affixed on the fdc. There are numerous examples like this. Then why not thistime also it was done.In 1956 India was just an independent country of 9 years old n such vital facts n minute details were taken care of though technological advancement was also at its infancy. Now when India is 64  years strong n technologically on a very strong footing how come no official from India Post could think of it.India Post issues a commamorative stamp to honour a personality n probably this time also a reverred personality who is otherwise known to be reincarnation of Lord Vishnu n worshipped as God in certain parts of the country was to be honoured by issuing this commamorative stamp on Dev Narayan.Cancellation of Asind was over looked which took away the perfect n complete joy from the Philatelists. We expect India Post not to over look such like minute details  for the sake of Promoting Philately which is known as King of Hobbys n Hobby of Kings since time immemorial.

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6 Responses to Another Half Hearted Attempt of INDIA POST

  1. N.A.Mirza says:

    Dear Mr. Pujara:

    I very much wish officials at the India Post note the sincere feelings you have mentioned and devote their time official hours to their duty sincerely. In this forum we have pointed out errors in perforations on stamps, miniatures and sheetlets. Let us hope this would be taken note of but this the scope of this forum is somewhat limited. Such views should be discussed in the media.

    N.A. Mirza

  2. anil kr pujara says:

    I appreciate your sentiments n prey to Almighty that India Post officials get better sense n wisdom prevails on them for the sake of Philately.

  3. anil kr pujara says:

    Dear Mr Mirza, My email id is I am awaiting your mail pl. Regards

  4. dr pradeep Jain says:

    Dear Pujaraji,
    Congratulations for taking this much care & pains for this issue.Surely a place cancellation would have given due respect to that personslity and same to their followers.Indiapost can do a justice by providing proper cancellation for next issue on 7th Sept.This all depends upon how sensitive our co called officers are?

  5. anil kr pujara says:

    Dear Dr Jain, Thanks for the concern n sincere advice to OUR INDIA POST OFFICIALS so call protectors n promoters of Indian Philately. WE ALL MUST PREY TO THE ALMIGHTY TO BESTOW SOME WISDOM N SENSITIVITY UPON THEM.

  6. Dinu says:

    Dear Pujaraji, Dear Dr. Jain, Dear Mirjaji,

    I humbly but totally disagree with your view that sense should prevail on India post officials. Why?…

    Somewhere in this useless site, which is trying to protect the interest of Philatelist of which I am one, I read another day that earlier a date changeble cancellation (catchet or howsoever it is technically called and example given was of Satana, MP) was there which was of good use to local Philatelist but has been discontinued.

    I know the reason of which you are unaware and therefore banging your head against a mammoth insensitive monolith named IP. Since, I know the reason I decided to disagree with you and called effort of this website as useless.

    Those were the days when
    -certain honesty could be found in common people.
    – not all babus were busy in something else other than official work during duty time.
    – Greed was not all encompassing and hence Respected Anna Hazare was unheard of and he was busy in his village in something or other without disturbing the peace of high and mighty in our National Capital.
    – Those were the days of bullock Cart, lantern and letters .
    – Most things were in real world and not virtual.
    – people were not as self centered as we are all today.
    – everything might have been slower.
    – IP was smaller and RAK, who did not mind to stand in the Q of GPO like people were there

    – we have technologically advanced. Most of the gadgets run on power and equipments are smarter.
    – Everything is faster (expectation of gain, achieving anything) but rely on electronic bits and bytes, to generate which we need electrical power.
    – power is corrupt. (spike , low voltage, defective grid or greed, etc are reason)
    – power is scarce. (“Will power” to do a hoenst thing is approaching to Nil.)
    – IP has become a huge mammoth with many heads like a hydra. Request you to remember “too many cook spoils the broth” .
    – Will power to have certain share in Philatelist’s gain has originated and hence demonstration of power and control has come. Effective conduit channelise the flow of power towards it, (conductance factor is now C i.e. Currency) and leaves no power for other things or beings.

    So though we have advanced in in absence of power nothing can be moved.

    In simpler way without power modern technology cannot work which was possible with old technology (I hope you all are facing increasing electrical power shedding now a days – then how do you feel that there is power).

    Therefore, nowadays occurance of things, happening in the past, are not possible anymore.

    So if you provide power to them – be it money power, power to control them, your snake charmer’s power (in abroad we are still known as a country of snake charmer) or AH power of Ralegaon power corporation – and might be this virtual world will start moving.

    Now I hope that I could justify my both statements that there is no “hope of deliverence” and we all are trying uselessly in this useless website. I also did just now by writing this comment
    🙂 LOL

    By the way informations were really nice (hats of to Mr. Mirza) and useful for a frustrated freshers like me. Sincere thanks.

    Again I request please do not publish any error (imperforation, printing, shape , size , colour missing ) on upcoming issues till 6 months have passed from the date of issue.

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