Austria:Europa 2011 Stamp on Year of the Forest

\"\"Austria has released stamp on Year of the Forests .  Austrian Post Office has come up with something very special: the present stamp block, designed by Michael Rosenfeld, is far more than just a stamp. In the form of a small letter, the block contains a specially selected mixture of seeds from Austrian spruce trees from the Tyrol, the Salzkammergut, the Waldviertel, Styria and Carinthia. The symbolism behind this innovative issue is clear – let us do something to help the growth of our forests, a growth that is so important for all of us.

Roughly 40,000 km2, i.e. around 48 percent of the Austrian national territory, is forest. It comprises a wide variety of climates, landscapes and vegetation forms. In terms of landscape, Austria includes high and low mountain ranges as well as hills and plains; the geology is very complex not only because of the rock formations and folding. The soils have developed from calciferous and acidic rocks, and consequently the soil types vary considerably. By adapting to the geological, climate, relief and soil conditions, a varied “forest society” has developed, with its own wealth of plants and animals.

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