Isle of Man :Daffodil Stamps

The Isle of Man  is issuing a set of stamps, incorporated into a beautiful decorative sheetlet,\"\" featuring the Narcissus flower, commonly known as the Daffodil. The issue is released to coincide with the 27th Asian International Stamp Exhibition Wuxi, Jiangsu, China which takes place in November 2011. The stamps form part of a collection of issues from a number of countries depicting Chinese Flora.

Daffodils are as well loved in the Isle of Man as they are right across the British Isles. Every Island garden shows its rich drifts of cream and gold to welcome the sun in spring. The flowers are to be seen growing in yellow masses in the Island\’s beautiful wooded glens, and landowners have planted thousands of bulbs along roadside hedgerows.

The English wild daffodil Narcissus pseudo-narcissus is seldom seen in the wild in the Isle of Man, but two other varieties have naturalised themselves successfully. The dainty scented Narcissus minor is called the \’Manx Jonquil\’ and can be seen widely, especially in the north of the Island.

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