Hungary Released Stamp on Franz Liszt

\"\"Magyar Posta is commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt by issuing a special stamp.The stamp design within the block depicts the greatest composer. In the border of the numbered stamp block there is a montage-like graphic composition inspired by his life and work.To the right of the stamp design part of the building of Esztergom Basilica is shown, recalling that Liszt composed his Missa Solemnis for the consecration of the basilica in 1855.The main motif of the block\’s border is the silhouette fashionable at the time showing Liszt the pianist with his instrument turning into Pegasus. The background of the montage is composed of stripes of various colours, creating a whirling, pulsating rainbow similar to how music appears on a computer monitor today.In the bottom of the border there is a Liszt quotation: \”My sole ambition as a musician has been and will be to throw my javelin into the infinite space of the future.\”

Part of the first page of the manuscript of the 19th Hungarian Rhapsody (1885, National Szechenyi Library, Music Library) is used as the printing for the background of the montage.The block is adorned with Liszt\’s signature printed in gold leaf by using reverse blind embossed printing.

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