Schoolpex 2011 –Attractive Display by Students

Special Report by Abhishek Jalan

\"\"On the second day of Schoolpex 2011 at Jaipur we took time to go through the different frames setup by the students. They were divided on Country basis and thematic types. Details of the frames are as:

Section A Country Collection Age Group 1 Age 5” to 8” Display no 73 – 81
Section A Country Collection Age Group 2 Age 9” to 12” Display no 62 – 72
Section B Thematic Collection Age Group 1 Age 5” to 8” Display no 29 – 61
Section B Thematic Collection Age Group 2 Age 9” to 12” Display no 01 – 28

\"\" India and Russia were the main two countries displayed and they dominated other countries. There were a lot of stamps, FDC’s and Miniature Sheets on display at the frames in country themes. Display no 83 displayed Ships as means of transport and had a wide range of stamps. Cargo ships also covered a portion of the display and they covered from olden age to modern age. Aviral Tambi of 9th D, St. Xavier’s School displayed a unique collection on football and a precise documentary was also present which was widely appreciated by the visitors. Another collection on evolution of cars from vintage era to present time was eye catching. They were categorized by year and model wise. It reflected his hard work and labor he did to gather all the material displayed. A young boy displayed a rare collection on horses and their contribution to human being with their usefulness.But in spite of all this the authorities related to Schoolpex failed to bring any crowd, as regular people supposed to be present didn’t turn up for the event. Most of the dealers present were unhappy due to low sale of stamps and were seen idling away the time and retired early for the day.

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  1. Harpreet Singh says:

    It feels really good to see school kids participating in such a hobby & trying their utmost to save this field…We should learn from them…Gud going

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