Papuea New Guinea:Stamp on Birdwing Butterflies

\"\"Papuea New Guinea released stamp on butterflies on 3rd May 2011.Birdwing butterflies are the largest of all butterflies. Birdwings are typified by large size (up to a maximum body length of 7.6 cm or 3 inches and a wingspan of 28 cm or 11 inches in O. alexandrae), showy coloration (in contrasting shades of green, yellow, black, white, and sometimes blue or orange), and slender, lanceolate forewings.The male Birdwing is brightly coloured with green, gold and black, and is smaller than the female. The larger female Birdwing is black and white, with yellow markings on the hindwings. She has a wingspan of up to 20 cm.

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