Pineapple Fragrance Issue by Papua New Guinea

\"\"Papua New Guinea is known for its special stamps.On 25th May 2011 a stamp with fragrance of pineapple  was  released.The pineapple, being a favorite fruit to most Papua New Guineans, the Post PNG Philatelic Bureau, in its quest to produce innovative products have subsequently incorporated the actual fragrance to the postage stamps.

The pineapple, as it is known today, was given “Ananas comosus” as the botanical name. Native to South America, it was named for its resemblance to a pine cone — the pine cone reference first appearing in print in 1398. History has it that Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering the pineapple on the island of Guadeloupe in 1493, although the fruit had long been grown in South America. He called it piña de Indes meaning “pine of the Indians.”

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