Austria:Stamp on Football

Austria has released a stamp on Football to congratulates the Austrian championship on its\"\" 100th anniversary.It was in 1911 that, under the name \”First class\”, a football championship was held for the first time in Austria. Until the 1949/50 season, this league excluded teams from outside Vienna and Lower Austria, and it is for this reason that an all-Austria football league has only existed since that season. What is interesting is that what is now the \”Bundesliga\” has changed its name on several occasions in the course of the years – mostly relating to a change in the system according to which the games were played. When it was founded the name was, as mentioned, the \”First Class\”, which was changed into \”1st League\” upon the introduction of professional football in 1924. In 1936, on the occasion of the transition to a semiprofessional game to the benefit of the teams from the province, it was renamed the \”National League\”. During the Second World War, although the League was not abolished by the Nazis, it was renamed on several occasions. After the end of the war, the Austrian Football Federation first of all adopted the simple name \”League\”, which, following the creation of a \”League B\” as a lower division, was renamed \”League A\”, popularly referred to as the \”A League\”. Further reforms led to new names, in 1965 the \”National League\”, and in 1974 the \”Bundesliga\”. The initially deliberate reminder of the German Bundesliga was, however, restricted again two years later in the name \”1st Division\”. It is only since the new reform in 1993 that the league has been called the \”Bundesliga\” again. In 1997, the Bundesliga was given a sponsor\’s name for the first time, derived from the mobile phone enterprise \”max mobil\”. When this company was taken over by Deutsche Telecom in 2003, the matches were held officially under the name \”T-Mobile Bundesliga

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