Philatelic Census: Send SMS To 09422993322

\"\"Philatelic Census has gained real momentum and we are thrilled with the response. The  comments received from many of the philatelists across the country and even overseas are incredibly encouraging. We feel proud that the first initiative taken by PhilaMirror was welcomed by everyone with great enthusiasm. All of you deserve sincere thanks from PhilaMirror. And let us keep it going !!!!

It is not only the encouragement but also creative support that the census is getting from different corners. We are deeply impressed by the support extended by Mr.Deepak Modi (You know him well with his mobile philately program) who came forward and facilitated us with a database of hundreds of the philatelists altogether.

This database would sure augment and enrich the Philatelic Census data. We are making the base of this philatelic census even broader now and with the support of Mobile Philately we offer another way to send in your details through SMS on the mobile number 09422993322. Mr Deepak Modi has dedicated this specific number for the Philatelic Census exclusively.

This will facilitate all of you who find it difficult online. Every one of you is using mobile phone for sure and now it will not take more than a couple of minutes to create an SMS and send it to the number 09422993322.  Isn’t so easy?

Do you have a desire to support and help the Philatelic Census with an idea? You are most welcome! Do get in touch and we will sure work together for a big cause.

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4 Responses to Philatelic Census: Send SMS To 09422993322

  1. A.K.ARUNACHALAM says:

    Please inform me the perticulalrs to be send to join you.

    Thanks & best regards

  2. Sandeep says:

    Dear Sir,

    The SMS idea is great. But in order to avoid chance of our mobile phones being spammed by numerous promo SMS in future, I would suggest that we do not use this mode of registration.


    • Philatelist says:

      The mobile number is a dedicated one.We are not at all interested in spamming your sms in anyway in future as we are doing this for all the philatelists and not for ourselves.We are not promoting any business out here.However, It is just one more medium.You are always free to send information through email.

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