Romania:Stamp on Astra Sibiu Association and Library

The two postage stamps of the anniversary issue, which Romfilatelia introduces into\"\" circulation, illustrate snapshots from ASTRA Sibiu history.Stamps were released on 15th July 2011.On the postage stamp with the face value of lei 3.00 is illustrated the Metropolitan Andrei Saguna, the first President of ASTRA Association and on the postage stamp with the facevalue of lei 9.10 is illustrated the building of ASTRA Library, Building .

In November 1861, the Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and Culture of the Romanian People (ASTRA) was established based on the Constitutive Assembly’s decision. An academic society, ASTRA militated from the very beginning against denationalisation and for the rights of the Romanians in Transylvania.The most important mean for fulfilling the assumed role was maintaining the creative potential of the Romanian people, through knowledge and dissemination of the national-cultural patrimony. In 1950 the institution would be abusively dissolved and, 40 years after this moment, it would be officially revived. The oldest book in the Library is Sexti Libri Decretalium (1511), by Pope Boniface VIII and the oldest Romanian book is Sbornicul Slavonesc, printed by Coresi in 1580.

Today, the library counts over 700,000 documents, books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, manuscripts, correspondence, iconographic documents in German, French, English, Russian, Hungarian, Greek, Esperanto, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Hebrew.

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