Bosnia-Herzegovina Released Stamps on Diesel Locomotives

\"\"Bosnia-Herzegovina released stamps on diesel locomotives. Narrow gauge railway network was once among the highest in Europe, and the Bosnia and Herzegovina is certainly an important part of it. There were several track widthсs as follows 600 mm, 750 mm, 760 mm and 1000 mm. In Serbia was used track width of 760 mm.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina beginning of track construction were carried out by Austrian military authorities, realizing the impracticability of terrain decide to build a system of narrow gauge railway to be connected to the network of Austrian and Hungarian normal track. In 1960s and 1970’s due to non-profitability of these lines, there is a gradual removal or “normalization” tracks, so today, unfortunately, we do not have more memories of this important period of development of railways in this country except once again renewed Sargan Eight and railway Mokra Gora  – Visegrad.

On these stamps there are some of the diesel locomotives and engine trains of narrow gauge.

Diesel hydraulic locomotive 720 (track 0.76 m)

Purchased for brown coal mine Banovici in 1987 from Machine Industry Nis as locomotives DHL 450U. It was composed of two operating groups, where one pulls forward, the other back. Workshop workers RMU in 1992 modified one into two locomotives series 720-001 and 720-002, and 2004 of the second locomotive made locomotive 720-003 provided that the other half served for spare parts. The engines are manufactured in a factory TAM Maribor.

Diesel hydraulic locomotive JZ 740

It was produced in the factory “Djuro Djakovic” in Slavonski Brod for ZTP Sarajevo.  There were produced 40 locomotives from 1968 until 1969. Maximum speed is 50 km per hour.

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