Inside the US Post Offices

USA DIARY———————————————-SUDHIR JAIN

\"\"Postal Service is very efficient, well managed and well maintained service in USA. I had visited inside many Post Offices and found them excellent. Most of them are fully air-conditioned with the facility of sitting (chairs), writing (tables with pen and gum), multipurpose automatic counters as well as manual counters, rest rooms (toilets), mail drop box, Post Boxes, sale counters etc. Staff is very polite and co-operative. here  are some inside photographs of  two Post Offices, one at Chicago and another at Mackinac Island.\"\"

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One Response to Inside the US Post Offices


    Thanks for the USPS pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words
    & several pictures are worth …….
    U.S. media itself loves to talk about USPSs demise & has even forecast
    it’s death several times over.
    From your pictures it seems that the news of USPSs death are, as they say, highly exaggerated.

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