Singapore Released Stamps on 50th Anniversary of EDB

\"\"Singapore post issued two stamps ‘Global Asia’ and ‘Future Ready’ on 1st Aug 2011 to show the Singapore’s economic development.‘Global Asia’‘Global Asia’ depicts Singapore as a strategically located ‘Home’ in Asia from where global and local companies can grow in the region and beyond. Asian companies also find a ‘Home’ in Singapore, from where they can orchestrate their global plans. The artist, Justin Lee, has drawn inspiration from elements of pop art, traditional Chinese paper cutting techniques, Malay and Indian fabric patterns as well as the iconic Singapore ‘Merlion’. The green dot in the ‘O’ symbolises Singapore’s openness to business and innovation.‘Future Ready’‘Future Ready’ projects Singapore as a forward-looking, innovative and business-friendly location that welcomes the future. The designers, :phunk, have chosen a futuristic motif of a tree emerging from a single point to depict Singapore’s continual development of new capabilities to harness growth opportunities today and tomorrow. The minimalist golden lines and dots represent how Singapore fosters innovative solutions for tomorrow by connecting people, capital, markets, technologies and ideas.

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