Interesting Philatelic Facts

By Anurag

Stamp Created on the Moon

\"\"In 1969 during the Apollo 11 moon flight, the astronauts took with them a die of a postage stamp which they pulled an impression of when they touched down on the moon. Thus, creating the moon\’s first postage stamp! Once the die was returned to earth it was used to produce the 10 cent airmail stamp issued in September of 1969.

World’s First Undersea Post Office

It was established on 16th August 1939 as part of a scientific facility on the sea bed off the\"\" Bahamas. They used a special oval postmark that was inscribed \”SEA FLOOR/BAHAMAS\”. the post office Bahamas released a 5 shilling stamp also on this post office in 1965.It was closed some time in 1941.

\"\"Large numbers of covers were postmarked at the undersea Po st office and mailed to collectors all over the world. Some covers had pictorial cachets; others just had different varieties of cancels indicating the unusual place of posting. The undersea post office was created by US photographer John Ernest Williamson (1881-1966). He is remembered today as a pioneer in undersea photography and he was also deeply involved in the production of a number of motion pictures including one based on Jules Verne’s Twenty-Thousand Leagues under the Sea.

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    More a case of a hugely talented underwater photographer using
    philately to show his wares to the world. Otherwise, an underwater
    Post Office makes sense only in a James Bond-007 flick.
    But that moon imprint of the postage should last at least as
    long as Neil Armstrong’s Shoe(foot)Print as there is no wind on the

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