Another case of FORGERY IN Philately in India

\"\"By Virendra Dhundhara

Recently a well reputed philately blog of India has displayed some Max Cards created by one respected philatelist/collector on President House. The administrator of the blog, in response to so called queries has clarified that anybody can get  the Max cards cancelled from any bureau. Yes, we all know that cancellation on Max cards can be got done by anybody from any Bureau though more appropriate would be and make a max card perfect if the cancellation is done from place of release/ connected place. Yes in this case New Delhi is more proper since President House is situated in New Delhi. \"\"

But the moot question in this case is How for it is proper to do ELECTONIC/DIGITAL forgery in creating the philatelic item. From reliable sources it is learnt that Sh Atul Jain a senior philatelist from Bilaspur had sent the scan of FDC  of President House cancelled from Bilaspur from display on this renowned blog. A senior philatelist from Dehradun created the Max Cards,electronically/ stole the cancellation from the fdc n pasted it on the Max Cards created by him.
It is reliably learnt that Bureau In charge Bilaspur has not cancelled any max card n he is reported to be on leave from 6th August onwards. Creating a Max Card is very good. Getting max card cancelled is essential but means adopted to get the cancellation should be fair and not the type of one which have been adopted by our Respected n Esteemed collector fro Dehradun.It is unethical n can be categorized  FORGERY. It is also learnt that the creator of these FABRICATED Max cards has confessed to one fellow collector from Bilaspur about the modus operandi adopted by him in fabricating these max cards by using net n digital technology and We leave it to the collectors to judge how for it if ethical to fabricate a max card n manipulate the Philatelic Material to befool the innocent collector by a morphed image.

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8 Responses to Another case of FORGERY IN Philately in India

  1. Krista Mary Joseph,London says:

    Once a thief…… always a thief. U just can’t help it.
    Hats off to Mr. Dhundhara to come out in public to expose these forged items.

  2. Sandeep says:

    Dear Sir,

    I express my thanks to you in bringing out this issue in the open, so that collectors like me might be forewarned.

    Just another question comes to mind. From your experience do you think, is it possible to forge postage stamps also? I buy mint stamps from dealers and online websites. If forging of postage stamps is possible too, then in your opinion is there any method to check whether the stamp is a forged one?



    Whatever, that does not come out of India Post
    is JUNK to me.

  4. Jeevan Jyoti says:

    Nice to go through this post. If the matter is verified it’s really bad for philately and its distinguished community. It is duty of all philatelists to maintain dignity and intellect of this hobby and keep themselves away from such activities. The post will certainly warn those who take up such ideas to show creativity. After all philately is a wonderful world and we should present it in a beautiful way.

  5. ashok sadolikar says:

    post dept have to look inthis matter and ask to proper person .

  6. Kamran Ahmad says:

    False cancellation is a violation of rules.
    Otherwise no harm to produce private max card .

  7. dr pradeep Jain says:

    Dear Dhundharaji,
    thanks for keeping such vigil eye on Indian Philately,we need such people who can give time for this type of eyeopening articles for readers. In such creativity important thing is the purpose of the act if it is an enthusiastic overaction then this warning is sufficient but if motive is to befool a collector for commercial gains then this items should be banned forever.Another thing is that in future blogers should publish an item when they get the item in their hands not scanned ones.Only from known and reputed persons scans should be accepted for publishing.

  8. Naresh Agrawal says:

    Philatelic creativity is gladly accepted and appreciated like the original max card creator.Creation using digital and electronic media is also good but it should be done keeping good intentions and right means.As it appears,we understand this is a case of digital forgery and might be the person has no intention to use it commercially but only for joy.Further, such platforms should only be used in a better way .However,such practices should be discouraged. Being a philatelist ,I understand the joy of creation in any manner but we must not forget the ethics.Mr. Jain from Dehradun should use his talent and energy in new and beautiful real creations which will help and give joy to other philatelists.

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